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more happiness

by gwoździec

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there is no end (free) 04:33
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gwozdziec is a project i started working on after one of those facebook memes came around, which happened to coincide with when i was just finishing up my rpm09 project. the basic premise of the meme was to create a fake album using randomized methods to obtain album art, artist name, and album name, and the challenge was to combine all 3 to create a fake album cover. but, while fun, this didn't seem to me to take the concept to the full extent and logical conclusion, which is: why not make the whole album? the gwozdziec project is one in which i attempted to use randomized methods for acquiring and/or generating sound files or tracks. then i mixed the random results into individual compositions (using somewhat less random methods) and posted the entire process here so others could reproduce the same process if they wanted. the single, common theme of the project was to only use materials released under a creative commons liscense for everything, and release each track in kind. all the compositions in the gwozdziec project are composed entirely of CC-based work -- there was no original live performance or synthesized sounds that came as part of any pack or software -- every "instrument" is listed, accounted for, and credited to the original source.


released January 27, 2010




jazzsequence Salt Lake City

jazzsequence is an electronic and experimental music performer with influences ranging from Steve Reich to the Dead Kennedys.

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